Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What methods of payment are accepted?

A.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Check or Cash.

Q.  How should I select imprint and thread colors?

A.  Colors must be carefully chosen. For Example: Printing the color black onto a navy or dark green item may result in a hard-to-see imprint, as dark on dark does not stand out. In order to promote the best visibility of a custom logo/text, we strongly recommend printing/embroidering light colors onto a dark surface and dark colors onto a light surface. However, you might have your own pre-conceived notions about what looks good and what does not, therefore, we will not judge your choices and assist in making your final decision.

Q.  Can I see a sample before placing my order?

A.  You can see a virtual sample before placing your order free of charge.

Q.  Can I see a physical pre-production sample before I place my order?

A.  Yes, but keep in mind this will slightly delay the turnaround time.

Q.  What is the status of my order?

A.  Every order will have a set ship or delivery date. Please call us at (760) 989-1684 (949) 929-6815 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check up on the status of your order.

Q.  What carriers do you use and how will my order be delivered?

A.  Our TAG Team will deliver local orders directly to your door unless specified otherwise. We will use your carrier of choice or UPS and FedEx for all other orders.

Q.  How do I place a re-order?

A.  Please call us at (760) 989-1684 (949) 929-6815 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will place your order. Or, we will be more than happy to set an appointment to come to you.

Q.  What is your return policy?

A.  In the unlikely instance there is an issue with your order, let us know immediately and we will help to resolve your issue as your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Q.  Do I need to pay the set-up fee if I do a re-order?

A.  In most cases, the set-up fee is waived on re-orders, but certain items require a set-up fee each time an order is placed.

Q.  Can I use copyrighted material?

A.  You cannot use copyrighted material unless you own the copyrights or have authorization to do so.

Q.  What format should I use to submit my artwork?

A.  For screen printing and promotional items, your artwork must be in vector format which includes the following: .ai, .eps, .pdf. For embroidery either a dst or jpeg format.

Q.  What is rush production time? Do you offer it on all products?

A.  Our rush production time can be as little as 24 hours, and is not offered on all products.

Q.  What is normal/standard production time?

A.  Standard production time is 5-7 business days after proof approval.

Q.  Can I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

A.  If your order hasn’t gone into production yet, it can be cancelled or changed; however, there may be re-stock fees.

Q. Do you keep my art on file?

A.  Yes we keep your art on file for future orders.

Q.  Can I specify a PMS color for my imprint?

A.  Yes, you can specify your PMS color when filling out the imprint information.

Q.  Can I split my order and ship to multiple locations?

A.  Yes, we can split up your order to ship to multiple locations as long as you let us know in advance.

Q.  Can I ship on my own shipping account?

A.  Yes, you can ship on your own account.

Q.  When do you charge my credit card? Do you require pre-payment?

A.  Your credit card will be charged once the order has shipped and in most cases a deposit will be required. Net terms may be available upon TAG approval.

Q.  What are set up charges?

A.  Set-up charges are usually one time fees for the embroidery dst program, screen/film charges, die charges, etc. It is important to note these are NOT art charges. These are charges to create the screen, die or other necessary items to imprint your specific logo.

Q.  Is there a minimum order quantity that must be placed for promotional item?

A.  Yes, it varies by product. Typically the more expensive the item, the lower the minimum.